Our training offering takes advantage of both in-person training and the latest eLearning developments.

We have delivered training on 3 continents and in 9 countries:
the USA, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Malta and Switzerland.

Our training is grounded on case studies, real life scenarios and current news analysis, to keep participants engaged and to make financial information immediately applicable in the context of their job, as well as relevant to them personally.

Susan Hayes has amassed a wealth of experience as a mentor to retail clients and will share her insights in how to provide even better service to them. She also successfully manages her own portfolio of financial products – giving her first-hand, practical knowledge of financial markets, as well as theoretical knowledge.

Who can benefit from our offering?

Our training offering is of particular importance to:

  • Banks
  • Stockbrokers
  • Insurance companies
  • Service providers to financial services companies
  • Government agencies

These clients need high-level expert financial training to induct new staff as well as conduct continued professional development (CPD).

They are experts themselves and demand tailor-made, to-the-point training, in order to be constantly aware of the latest changes in the markets and their regulation, as soon as they are made public, to seamlessly integrate those changes into their practice.

These clients also need to train staff that are not finance experts themselves but need to liaise with them. We cater to their needs by providing jargon-free, lively introductory trainings, so that other departments will also have a thorough understanding of financial markets.

Thus, at all levels of a company, staff will have a common grounding in finance for smooth collaboration.

We are proud to say that many participants report developing an interest in finance as a direct result of attending one of our trainings.

Our clients include:

  • VectorVest
  • Bank of Valletta
  • Malta Institute of Accountants
  • Irish Times Training
  • Professional Development Services for Teachers
  • GillenMarkets
What are our trainings about?

Sample topics for trainings include, among many others:

  • Introduction to financial markets
  • Quantitative finance in the financial markets
  • Bonds & fixed income
  • Economics meets the financial markets
  • Collective investment vehicles
  • Anatomy of a trade & logistics of making a transaction
  • Exchange Traded Funds – the fastest growing financial product in the world!
  • An introduction to derivatives… and how to use them in a portfolio
  • Options derivatives – single & multiple trades
  • Risk management & protecting profits
  • Income & capital gains – where do they come from?
  • Understanding the retail investor
How does the whole process unfold?
  1. When you contact us to organise financial training in your company, we will meet with you to ascertain your objectives.
  2. Then, we design a specially tailored questionnaire and send it to all staff to identify their goals.
  3. We develop a made-to-measure training program that corresponds both to management’s objectives and to staff’s understanding of finance.
  4. Based on your specifications, we deliver a blend of in-person trainings and online webinars grounded on case studies, real life scenarios and current news analysis.
  5. Continuous learning supports, accessible to each participant in their own time, consist of supplemental materials using regularly updated market examples.
  6. Staff undertake habitual assessments and data gathered from trainings and tests are compiled into frequent reports that are sent to management.


We design and take care of pre- and post-training questionnaires, as it is notoriously difficult to get staff to fill them in, especially after the event, due to their workload.

Our eLearning environment benefits from an intuitive interface that is very easy to use. If you know how to check your email, download a file or watch a video, you know all you need to know to use our eLearning interface.

To order financial training that fits the needs of your group, contact us at +353 1 838 6110 or