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Work on your career, not just in your career

You know the age-old business advice to “work on the business, not just in the business”. It is just as valid for people who are employed.

In fact, the qualities that make great business people also make great employees. This drive towards “intrapreneurship” has been apparent for some time, and it is only gaining momentum globally.

Reflection, taking a step back, taking the time to think about what it is you truly want to achieve, and what you desire from your work, is especially important in this world of constant interruptions and distractions.

If you take some time out to think deeply about what you truly want from your work, what you want to achieve, what you want to protect – then it’s a lot easier to know what should be given priority.

And if you have clearer priorities, you will be more productive.

Instead of wasting time wondering what you should be working on and how to accelerate your career, you will know exactly where you’re headed.

Instead of a career standstill, you will be on the career fast track.

This advice isn’t just for employees – these mental models can help anyone who wants to achieve bigger things in their career or their business.

That’s why I created a series of six video webinars with CPA Ireland. Watch these videos to get the edge in your career – or your self-employed business. They are immediately accessible and no login is required.

In the videos, I talk about emerging trends in the workplace. I explore how the world of work is changing: it’s important to embrace these changes and not just endure them – you can thrive and prosper.

Here are the six webinars:

Stress testing your skillset

Find the webinar here.

If you applied for your own job today, would you get it?

Have you ever joked with college friends that, if you were to take your final university exams today, more likely than not you’d fail? Where has all the mental alertness and all the knowledge gone?! It’s there, but it needs some brushing up…

Mental skills and knowledge require regular training, just like physical skills. Just because an athlete was a gold medalist a few years ago, doesn’t mean they’d automatically make the Olympic team today.

So don’t let promotions pass you by – make sure you always have the edge in your career.

What if you could…

  • Have a great, simple system in place to make sure you are always up-to-date on desirable skills and the latest industry trends?
  • Self-diagnose your own performance so that you’re never taken unawares when the next annual review comes up?
  • Be the person who is known as the expert in a certain field – the one coworkers and bosses turn to when they need specialist knowledge?
  • Be confident instead of fearful when you see how bright the young recruits are – and look forward to working with them in mutually beneficial, stimulating collaboration?

Watch the video suite at CPA Ireland to start putting in place your own training system.

If you applied for your own job today, would you get it? Stress-test your skills. @SusanHayes_
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What will you learn in Stress-Testing Your Skillset?

1 – Comparing your Skills to Current Market Requirements

2 – Running a Self-Diagnostic

3 – Future Proofing Your Job

4 – Developing an Effective Training Plan

5 – Establishing a Timeline and Budget

6 – Develop a Reading List

7 – Getting the most out of conferences

Redefining yourself in the workplace

Find the webinar here.

Does your daily work feel stale? Do you feel like you have reached a dead end in your career? Do you feel antsy at the prospect of doing the same thing for the next five or ten years?

Maybe it’s time to redefine yourself in the work place.

Perhaps you have changed… Now that you know more about your company or your industry, you see opportunities that you didn’t see before: different roles with different responsibilities. Perhaps you want to become a manager, or a senior executive, vice-president of a department or part of the C-suite.

Perhaps your life has changed: you want or need to have a more flexible schedule, you want or need to move to a new city or a new country. You are in transition and you want to make way for the new.

Perhaps your job or your workplace has changed, and not for the better. Or perhaps it hasn’t changed, and that’s the problem! Is it possible to throw something new into the mix? Where do you start?

In this series of videos, you will learn to put your finger on your best strengths and skills. You will find out how to strike strategic alliances with people who have a stake in your success. You will widen your horizons and feel elated and hopeful, where you felt hemmed in and stifled before.

Is it time to redefine yourself in the workplace? Here is how to ace the transition. @SusanHayes_
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What will you learn in Redefining Yourself in the Workplace?

1 – Clarify a vision of what you want

2 – Challenge your assumptions – and widen your mental horizons

3 – How to use the GROW model to keep moving forward constantly

4 – Gather a portfolio

5 – Communicate effectively and convincingly

6 – Uncover others’ desires and objections with the SPIN framework

7 – Network strategically and authentically

Managing Your Personal Brand

Find the webinar here.

How do people who know you describe you when they introduce you? If you were not in the room, what would people say about you?

How do others perceive you? Do they know how you can help them? Would they think of you first if they ran into an issue you can solve?

Successful personal branding means people have a clear picture in their minds of how you can help them and what you are good at.

When you find that “your reputation has preceded you,” it can be a double-edged sword: either this saves you a lot of work if your reputation is positive – but it can also make your work more difficult, if your reputation is negative.

Are you making the mark you want to make?

Personal branding is not about manipulation or controlling others: it’s about personal development. True personal branding is about publicising your real efforts to become a better, more valuable player.

Most importantly, personal branding is about having a strategic plan for yourself and your career: how can you benefit when you put in the work to change your colleagues’ and boss’ perception of you? This is what will accelerate your career.

Successful personal branding means people have a clear picture of how you can help. @SusanHayes_
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What will you learn in Managing Your Personal Brand?

1 – Interview with branding expert Gillian Horan

2 – Clarifying your personal brand

3 – Conducting a goals and values brainstrom

4 – Managing your weaknesses

5 – Articulating your competitive advantage

6 – Conducting a 360 review

7 – Your brand and the world

Managing the transition: from employed to self-employed,

or from self-empoyed to employed

Find the webinar here.

Are you tired of your regular job – do you dream of striking out on your own as a freelancer?

Or the opposite… Are you looking for more stability and regular hours, and do you want to go back into employment after working as a freelancer?

If you’re worried that being an employee makes you ill-prepared for freelancing, or that no employer is going to consider you for a job because you’re a freelancer, think again.

You have a wealth of transferable skills that will help you manage the transition.

Don’t understimate your transferable skills when changing employment status. @SusanHayes_
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Watch this series of videos to find out

  • How to capitalise on your existing strengths and what pitfalls to avoid.
  • How to evaluate the decision to change your work status – together, we will go through exercises to help you gain clarity and make sure that you can realistically find what you are after.
  • How to “reality-proof” your idea, so that it is sustainable and successful in the long term
  • How to adapt and react to new developments and how to diagnose your own performance – you will learn how to leverage the skills you already have and you will find that you have cultivated skills that will be directly applicable in your new status.

What will you learn in Managing the Transition?

1 – Transitioning from Self-Employment to Employment

2 – Transferable Skills from Self-Employment to Employment

3 – Interview with Jo-Ann Feely (Alexander Mann Solutions)

4 – Transitioning from Employment to Self-Employment

5 – Transferable Skills from Employment to Self-Employment

6 – Interview with Carla Manning of CACM Accountants

The Changing Nature of Employment: the portfolio career

and emerging trends that will affect your career.

Find the webinar here.

Experts talk about “the end of the job” and part-time work is on the rise. In this context of groundswell changes, the “job” as we know it is disappearing fast – but it doesn’t mean we are all going to be “jobless”.

In fact, this is a great context in which to accelerate your career.

The last few years have seen tremendous changes in the workplace, the emergence of the “portfolio career”, and the need for mentoring in all directions of the hierarchy: not just top down, with older people mentoring less experienced ones, but bottom up, too.

How a “portfolio career” can accelerate your own career. @SusanHayes_
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If you want to make the most of this new fragmented environment – if you want to prosper and enjoy these changes, watch this video series to discover:

  • How to conduct your own personal career audit to see if you would be suited for a portfolio career
  • How to leverage your personality if you crave variety in your career
  • How mentoring and reverse mentoring will turbo-boost your career, whether you are the mentor or the mentee
  • How volunteering improves all aspect of your career and leads to better opportunities, for you and for those you help.

What is discussed in The Changing Nature of Employment?

1 – The changing nature of the workplace

2 – Interview with Jo Ann Feely of Alexander Mann Solutions

3 – Do you want a portfolio career?

4 – Mentoring and reverse mentoring

The Future of the World of Work

Find the webinar here.

Work is changing at an unprecedented pace. Things that were true in the world of work even a couple of years ago are now obsolete. With the internet and the cloud, with the sweeping tide of globalisation, work as we think we know it, and work as our parents knew it, is a thing of the past.

The truth is that work has changed beyond recognition. Every week we hear about new trends and new concepts, from the “gig economy” to “agile management” to “remote working” to deep changes into what it even means to “be at work”.

If you come prepared, these new modes of work can be the liberation you’ve been waiting for. Liberation from reporting to just one boss, liberation from short-sighted instructions from your higher-ups, liberation from a constricting schedule, or even from having to commute at all.

Work has changed beyong recognition: is this the liberation you’ve been waiting for? @SusanHayes_
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In this series of videos, you will discover what these changes are, how you can feel empowered to act, how to examine scenarios for how these trends can affect you, and how to protect against downside risks.

What is discussed in The Future Of The World of Work?

1 – The Gig Economy

2 – Agile project management

3 – Hours vs. Outcomes

4 – Remote working

Watch these videos at your own pace and implement the action steps, and you will have all the cards in hand to accelerate your career. If these videos have helped you, I’d love to know how you’re getting on! Tweet me @SusanHayes_

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