On 24 October, 2017, I did a Facebook Live video from Ballylagan Organic Farm near Belfast – I love Ballylagan and stay there every time I get the chance. It was the perfect location to settle in for a book review of Deep Work, a great book by Cal Newport.

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My book review of "Deep Work" by Cal Newport

Posted by Susan Hayes "The Positive Economist" on Tuesday, October 24, 2017


My book review of “Deep Work” by Cal Newport

Posted by Susan Hayes “The Positive Economist” on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

1:00 What is the book about ? It’s about doing proper deep work – but it’s not about productivity and getting things done. It’s about solving deep problems and reaching big milestones. (For more about deep productivity, read my article about the “Important and Urgent” matrix)

1:30 How has the book affected me? Since I read it I’ve done quite a few things…

3:00 This is a dramatic increase on years gone by – it comes from several factors, but learning to harness deep work was definitely the biggest factor in achieving so much in six months.

4:00 Who would benefit from this book? People who need to deliver outputs – who are output focused. People whose work is people focused wouldn’t benefit as much.

5:20 What insights have I put into practice? The book is about getting the things that really matter done, by organising resources and headspace.

6:16 This book has really shown me I wasn’t as ruthless as I could be with attention leeches!

6:30 How I ended up in Austin, Texas, taking a week out just to think. It was just me, a notebook and a pen. No internet.

8:00 The results of that week were immense! 1. I worked out the entire crux of the argument for my Masters; 2. I got through a huge amount for VectorVest Europe; 3. I hatched a new business project.

9:30 None of this would have happened without that week out. It was a defining point for the year. It was the first time ever I took a week out – and it’s now scheduled in my diary for next year, and every year after that!

11:00 Two other things this book has done for me. And why Ballylagan is the ideal place for deep work!!

13:20 What I do with deep work that I couldn’t do in my office.

14:30 The specific strategies I learned to facilitate deep work: how to increase concentration and focus. How to get what really matters done, and how to eliminate procrastination.

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