Here are some key takeaways from the fantastic Digital West conference this morning organised expertly by Noreen HenryJanine McGinn PhD and Laura Hegarty MSc., B.Eng. Thank you for inviting me to MC a most insightful discussion.

Digital West Zoom Webinar

“There is a level playing field for innovation and collaboration”, Orla Flynn

“Maximise your reach and minimise your waste”, Aidan Kilcoyne

“Digital transformation is about culture, business model and process”, Valerie McTaggart PhD (c)

“Every order matters”, Brid Conroy

“In order to meet the online demand of goodwill, you need to be online” Elaine Moyles

Microsoft is partnering with wellness companies for improved customer experience”, Ciara Gallagher, CEH

“Deliver value early and often”, Brian Hanly

Talk to Sharon Boyle and Turlough Rafferty about learning and growth opportunities at GMIT Innovation Hubs

Check out the full recording of the event at Digital West


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