As we try to make sense of this new world that we’ve all been jolted into, people are struggling in this health, economic and social crisis – I couldn’t speak to you all but I wanted to share five things with those of you in business who are doing your best to hold on.



  1. If you’re working on projects that are going ahead as normal, work as normal. Vigilance to hypnotic news flow isn’t helpful.
  2. Proactively go to your clients and give them alternative solutions rather than reactively wait and worry. Take some problems off their desk.
  3. If you can at all, pay your suppliers ASAP. Help yourself, clients, staff and others to continue to be economically productive. Put together a cash flow projection and talk to whoever you need to early. (I really do appreciate that this isn’t possible for everybody – in the video, I explain the importance of “the velocity of money”).
  4. Get good information.
    • Health advise from the HSE.
    • Employment law advice from Caroline McEnery.
    • Remote working advice from Louise O’Connor.
    • Social welfare applications from Monica Murphy.
    • Online training advice from Irish Times Training.
  5. Take the time that you’ve been given. Think about the changes that you may want to extend into the future. Do what you’ve always said you didn’t have time to do.


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