In this blog post Susan HayesCulleton will explain what Loom is, how it has enabled her, and how it can be of use to you!

Loom is a state of the art AI technology that allows you to record short videos while sharing your screen and send them to the respective recipients. We use it within all parts of our business, including both internally and externally. Throughout these tweets Susan explains some examples of where we put this technology to use. 

There are an abundance of ways in which Loom can be used, many of which I am sure we haven’t even discovered yet. Here at HayesCulleton, we find it very useful when someone has a complex question they can record a loom of exactly what they are having difficulty with and whoever has the answer can just as quickly record a reply.

There is also a library of looms, so you don’t have to keep recording answers, if you get the same question you can simply send them the previous loom. This also means that the person asking the question can rewatch the response as many times as they need to.

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