In November 2019, I was invited by Irish International Business Network to present the closing remarks at their annual conference in London.

While reflecting on the insights shared on the Eurostar to Belgium the next morning, I recorded this whistle-stop tour of the discussion points spanning Brexit, social issues, AI, sectoral changes and global superpowers.

Here is the video and the summary are detailed underneath.


“The UK will heal economically from #Brexit, but the social and cultural differences are going to take much longer”, Paul Drechsler former President of the Confederation of British Industry.

“Today, people want an experience when they go into a retail store – hair salons, restaurants etc”, Paul Costello (and I discussed this in detail in our post regarding the future of retail earlier in the year).

“There is a difference between real diversity and the diversity business”, Bonnie Greer

“The crash decimated low skilled jobs and the recovery brought high skilled jobs. Turbulence isn’t going away with the artificial intelligence revolution in the medium term”, Professor Louise Richardson, Oxford university

“We need to protect the peace process and common travel area, prevent economic isolation in Northern Ireland and physical infrastructure at the border as well as be conscious of rising tensions”, Peter Sheridan, Chief Executive of Co-Operation Northern Ireland.

“The biggest challenge that returning entrepreneurs is the lack of a network”, Paula Fitzsimons, Back for Business.

“We could be facing a hung parliament in the UK elections and let’s remember the European Parliament is no longer made up of two main parties”, Lucinda Creighton.

“Website aren’t the future for good quality content, but through a distribution network”, Niall McGarry,



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