At difficult times, we need good leaders. Many, many people need help in so many ways right now – they also need reassurance and realism.

A month ago, I was MC for IOD Northern Ireland “Leading the Way” conference in Belfast. The speakers were amazing and shared many nuggets of wisdom about leadership. For all the leaders out there of homes, businesses, communities and countries, I talk through these key lessons of leadership in the context of the current situation with quotes from each of the speakers.


– “If you can’t sell a vision, then you can’t take people with you”, Dame Rotha Johnson

– “Find skills within your team”, Jo Aston

– “Always want to be better”, Sara Venning

– “Let go of the past”, June Burgess

– “In order to do the impossible, we need to believe in the possible”, Joanne O’Riordan

– “When you work exceptionally hard, great things happen”, Dame Jocelyn Bell

– “Simplify the customer journey”, Breege O’ Donoghue

– “Public service and commercial funding – do both”, Sinead Rocks

– “Power speaks with a loud voice, but influence has a softer tone”, Anne Anderson


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