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On 8 January I was interviewed by Miriam O’Callaghan on the John Murray Show, on RTÉ1. Miriam asked about my new book, The Savvy Guide to Making More Money. And here’s a minute-by-minute breakdown of what we talked about!

00.57 Why it’s a good time for me to write (and for you to read!) a book about making more money

2.22 Miriam asks: is there an easy way to make more money? Yes, there’s plenty (I outline three), but…

3.55 The five key avenues to think of when you’re trying to make more money.

5.11 Is it unrealistic to want to make more money as an employee? Not at all! I outline three ways you can do exactly that.

6.17 Who is the book for?

7.13 I might come across as confident, but I haven’t always been that way… The strategy I used to overcome obstacles even before I had the self-confidence.

9.00… and the trick I use to make sure I continually build that confidence!

9.35 Think you’re no good with money? RUBBISH! Why I think it’s a complete myth!

10.32 How I used the power of role models to achieve the things I set out to do


Listen to the interview

You can listen to the interview by clicking the link above (to download, right-click and choose “save as…”) or you can stream the interview in the player below.


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