Tonight, I hosted our very first Leaving Cert Positive Economics FaceBook Live with a focus on Brexit!

At the launch of our new book last year, we promised to give teachers and students a regular, dynamic update on what’s going on in the national and international economy through social media where they could get up-to-the-moment insights to prepare them for their upcoming and Leaving Cert exams.

In essence, the session was designed to

– Show you how to save time by pointing out the sites with lots of useful data to increase your marks
– Give you a summary of where things are at with Brexit
– Share my top three study tips to improve your time management in the exam
– Answer lots of questions live so that you could get the answers that you need quickly

The full video is available right here and you can register for the next one focusing on housing.

During the session, I mentioned a range of resources that could be of help for students and teachers right around the country including:

Highly useful and efficient data sources

Every month, the government publishes a twelve page document filled with exactly what an economics student in Ireland needs including the latest national income data, employment details, earnings from tourism and a snapshot of government finances.

The Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation produce a superb dashboard of 60 economic indicators that have interactive features, offer more detail in the areas that you might be interested in and issues a great monthly newsletter so that you can automatically receive updates along the way.

  • The really easy way to get foreign exchange rates (for international trade and other questions)

If you put the code for two currencies together into a Google search bar, you will get a screen that produces the current exchange rate. For example, these links will get you the euro-sterling rate and the euro-dollar rate in a second!

The latest on Brexit 

  • The menu of possibilities following the UK election in December 2019

This infographic from the BBC shows clearly the key developments that could happen after the UK voting population takes to the ballot box next week. The main parties across the country have different positions on their preferred avenue and the Guardian are keeping a close eye on the polls to track which option England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are leaning towards.

Menu of possibilities following the UK December 2019 election

  • The impact of a devaluation of sterling on the Irish economy.

In a post I wrote for Positive Economics readers in September, I referred to the likely effect of Irish exports being more expensive in the UK, how inflation is imported into the UK household and the resulting change in tourist figures from our nearest international neighbours.


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