Susan HayesCulleton CFA Professional Speaker, MC, Financial Training

Solid data and deep, jargon-free insights for immediate action and lasting change

Engaging, fast-paced, meaty presentations that light you up with positivity.

Get the latest data available – the information you need to make better, more impactful choices.

Delivered by a lively, relatable speaker who combines the credibility of her profession and the practical approach of an entrepreneur.

Feel fired up after a presentation by Susan HayesCulleton

  • You have all the data you need and only the data you really need
  • You know exactly what next step to implement as soon as you leave the conference room
  • You have enjoyed yourself tremendously and leave refreshed, with a spring in your step, excited for what the future will soon bring

Trust a seasoned economist, business owner and financial markets expert to deliver cutting-edge insights – and give your own company the edge.

Giving you the power to make better, faster decisions

As the world is becoming more and more connected, we are faced with an onslaught of information, much of it very technical, sometimes contradictory, often ambiguous.

In this context of information overload, executives and managers need to pull off the feat of making the fast decisions required to remain competitive, while still ensuring their evaluations are based on reliable data.

Instead of poring over pages and pages of dry, tedious reports filled with jargon, trust an experienced, energetic speaker with a keen eye for the positive and the actionable.

  • A speaker who can interpret the latest information (even that morning’s news if relevant) and articulate exactly what it means for you and your organisation
  • A speaker who can draw on her own economic and financial research to bring true substance – ensuring a value-adding presentation that convincingly answers your question “What am I doing here?”

With her signature energetic style, Susan HayesCulleton delivers only the truly relevant, reliable data according to her core tenets

Focus on what you can do

Yes, today’s economic situation is ambiguous and fraught with risk. It’s nearly impossible to digest all the facts as fast as they become known.

As an economist and Chartered Financial Analyst, Susan HayesCulleton has the expertise required to disentangle the ambiguity and present sharp, clear insights that you can use in your own context and circumstances.

Focusing on what you can do will give you the surge of motivation to take clear action and truly become the creator of your future.

Practical and implementable teachings

It’s not enough to analyse the situation – Susan is not just an economic commentator.

Susan’s trademark presentations always include action steps, to bridge the gap between theoretical insights and the reality of today’s workplace and marketplace.

In fact, Susan engineers those action steps so that you can implement some of them even as you are at the event, immediately sowing the seeds of future success.

Practice what you preach

Susan’s practical recommendations are not pulled out of thin air. What she recommends, she has practiced herself: her presentations are grounded not just in fact, but in experience.

As the founder and owner of an exports-led business, as a seasoned stock market investor, as a successful applicant for funds, grants and awards, Susan has a very wide range of experience and you can be assured that if she talks about it, it’s because she has first-hand knowledge of it.

The result: a boost of energy and confidence – because now you clearly see the road that will take you to your goal. And you can start to take action immediately.

Not Just Another Presentation – A Game Plan

Clear insights, buttressed with only the most relevant facts – in the time you have available.

Whether it’s the potential consequences of Britain exiting the EU, or the ROI of intangibles like health and wellness in the workplace, the questions facing today’s businesses are complex, intricate – and would warrant week-long conferences with a plethora of expert panels.

But who has a whole week?

This complexity is the reason why Susan will fit her presentation to whatever time you can afford to devote to it. Whether it’s 20 minutes, an hour or half a day – or more, Susan will choose the core insights that will truly help you gain an accurate understanding.

And if you’re interested in learning more and going deeper, at your own pace, Susan can offer a wealth of follow-up resources for more detailed information, via her own thought leadership articles and podcasts.

Hire Susan now to be MC at your next high-stakes event.