Professional Speaker

Solid data and deep, jargon-free insights for immediate action and lasting change - Positivity rooted in practicality

Conference MC

A trusted MC for a fast-paced, thought-provoking event - Susan ensures a high synergy and keeps the audience actively engaged.

Financial Markets Training

HayesCulleton delivers high performance financial training with highly qualified and real world experienced financial trainers

Savvy Women Online

Susan Hayes CFA interviews the world-class professional women you've never heard of. Listen to the Savvy Women Podcasts

Savvy Teen Academy

Join us for a high-focus summer camp of transformative learning for teens focusing on Careers Communication Confidence

Positive Economist Blog

Original, Practical & Actionable Articles on Economics, Business, Finance, Fintech, Investing & Entrepreneurship

Content creation and development

Create an impressive proprietary resource to retain customers, attract new members and train your employees efficiently

Build resilience in your organisation

With our proprietary Resilience model, give your team the tools they need to face the challenges of the modern workplace.

The online marketplace for wisdom and experience

Find the person who has done what you want to do, and pick their brains for a fee.