Keynote Speaker

Solid data and deep, jargon-free insights for immediate action and lasting change - Positivity rooted in practicality

Conference MC

A trusted MC for a fast-paced, thought-provoking event - Susan ensures a high synergy and keeps the audience actively engaged.

Financial Training Specialising in Active Learning

HayesCulleton delivers high performance financial training with highly qualified and real world experienced financial trainers

Savvy Women Online

Susan Hayes CFA interviews the world-class professional women. Listen to the Savvy Women Podcasts

Savvy Teen Academy

Join us for a high-focus summer camp of transformative learning for teens focusing on Careers Communication Confidence

Positive Economist Blog

Original, Practical & Actionable Articles on Economics, Business, Finance, Fintech, Investing & Entrepreneurship

Data and Insights in Different Media Formats and Content Outputs

Gather realtime data, generate insights from it and showcase it as a piece of thought leadership while demonstrating further value to your stakeholders.

Small Business Digital Transformation to Move to the Next Level

Put structure, processes and technologies in place in your business so that you can focus on what you do best and take you to the next level

Webinar Host and Digital MC for Engaging, Insightful Online Conferences

Work with an experienced digital host to lead your webinar with online engagement, tech savviness, global experience and raw enthusiasm for the subject