Do you need to give your staff a quick and thorough grounding in finance?

Do you need to train a few individuals with highly specific needs?


Take advantage of our exclusive training courses with a wealth of materials.

Train with the best

Susan Hayes has years of experience as a financial trainer, catering to the needs of highly specialized, highly demanding audiences, as well as complete beginners who need a jargon-free, engaging experience.

Proven modules that have stood the test of live training

Hayes Culleton’s training sessions have been delivered in nine countries and over three continents. Our training solutions take advantage of our most successful lectures and best case studies, as approved by hundreds of trainees.

Bring your team to a homogeneous level

Close knowledge gaps quickly and offer refresher courses to allow your team to have a common understanding of finance. Make future training sessions easier to coordinate by creating a homogeneous level of knowledge in your organisation.

Keep abreast of the latest changes

Our training is constantly updated with new modules, exercises, case studies and slideshows to reflect the latest development of this fast-paced industry.


The Financial Markets – An Introduction
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Accounting, Financial Markets & Economic Jargon
Selling Skills for Client-Facing Staff in Financial Services
Understanding Exchange Traded Funds
Understanding the Bond Market
Understanding Derivatives
Using Options to Craft Exposure & Manage Risk
Market, Sector & Fund Focus: An Up-to-Date, Just-in-Time Global Update
Investment Strategies in a Low Interest Rate Environment