Giving back


As managing director of Hayes Culleton, I feel very strongly about giving back; to me, being in business is integral to “doing my part” in the wider society. Our company Hayes Culleton focuses on three main Corporate Social Responsibility areas.

Empower Students and Citizens to understand financial markets


As a company that specializes in financial markets training, we never fail to be amazed – and all too often saddened! – by the amount of half-truths and misconceptions that are floating around about the financial markets.


In the macro-economy, the influence of financial markets on public policy is tremendous. And still, people either misunderstand or else don’t want to grasp the issues relating to the basic workings of the stock and bond markets. The problem is that these markets have a direct effect on their daily life!


In the micro-economy, bad investing decisions occur far too frequently; they can damage your long-term financial health, and yet so many of them are so easily prevented! We don’t just want to help you avoid “losing your money” in the markets: we want to take it much further and help you make the most of your money. Not saving and investing at all won’t help you either – in fact, that could be a bad investing decision in its own right!


In 2008, we witnessed the devastating impact of misunderstood risk, lack of competence and quite simply, the wrong questions being asked, if any, of the financial industry. I wanted to do my part to prevent this from happening again by educating our young people.


This is why one of our very first CSR projects was to develop Wall Street to the Classroom, a complete learning suite of free videos and lesson plans aimed at Transition Year students and their teachers.


The full module can be found here


On the blog you will also find many articles demystifying economics

Empower Women towards Financial Freedom


My second book, The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom, is a personal finance book aimed specifically at women (even though men could do with reading it, too!).


Statistically women are reputed to be very good, solid financial markets investors, as they are often more risk-aware and conservative than men. And still, whenever I speak at an investing seminar, it’s very rare to see women comprising more than 10% of the audience!


In Ireland, too many women have an underfunded pension plan, if they have one at all – but statistically women live longer, and hence might outlive their husbands.


All too often, when I speak at networking and entrepreneurship events, women come to me with questions that reveal how much self-doubt they heap on themselves on a daily basis. They doubt their strong business ideas, they doubt their peerless management skills, they doubt their amazing people abilities… I have witnessed first-hand how a lack of confidence holds them back from achieving their utmost.


Our mission at Hayes Culleton is to empower women to trust their skills and talents, so that they can step into their greatness as household managers, influencers within their families, employees and business leaders, so that they take the time to confidently invest in their future and also their old age. That’s why we have worked with, and sponsored, events with the Roscommon Women’s Network and Dress for Success.

CSR and entrepreneurs: creating a better world for all of us


“Karma” is convenient shorthand for a principle we deeply believe in: what goes around, comes around. What you send out into the world triggers a butterfly effect that is a marvel to observe. It is our deep belief that giving time and expertise to people and projects that have potential creates better outcomes for everyone, and that includes us and our business, too.


Entrepreneurs and business people, whether they’re self-employed or employees, have tremendous leverage when it comes to creating a better world, for all of us. We are problem solvers, we crave creative solutions, and we want our business endeavours to send out positive ripples into the world.


By being successful in business, we create more wealth, which cascades out into society, in the form of better tax revenue for the state, more and better jobs being created, and whole communities being lifted to higher welfare.


Together, there’s nothing we can’t do!