Making An Impact That Lasts

At the Hayes Culleton Group, we are conscious of our impact on the world around us, how our actions can affect other people, countries, nations and environment. That’s why we work with clients who prioritise diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Audiences, users and clients are mostly aware of when these topics are to the fore of events, but we focus on bridging the gap between what clients want, what audiences want to hear and what’s being left out of the equation. Keeping up to date with the latest research, evaluating our DEI standards and being mindful of other markers of success such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals helps us ensure both us and our clients are leading the way for a better, brighter future for all.

Continue reading about our efforts, actions and goals below.

Our approach to sustainability is holistic, encompassing the environmental, social, and economic aspects of our operations. We aim to create a better world through our initiatives, such as the Savvy Teens program, which educates young minds, Savvy Women focusing on empowering women, The Positive Economist which promotes financial literacy to all and Active Peers AI which brings people together to create meaningful knowledge sharing opportunities, and PUMAS which tracks the impact of our actions. 

Alignment with the United Nation's SDGs

The UN SDGs provide a global blueprint for peace and prosperity, of which many of our business practices and services naturally align with the following goals. Our focus on Quality Education (SDG 4), Gender Equality (SDG 5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8), and Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (SDG 9) ensures that our business activities promote a better future for all. Scroll down to learn more about how we contribute to each one of these SDGs. 

Quality Education

We work with companies to bring quality education to young people in Ireland. We have published several books, and host Transition Year work experiences, mentorship and active learning programmes throughout the academic year. 

Edco have proudly helped us publish Money Matters, Positive Economics and Engineering In The World; the first in a series of STEM books for transition year students. Each book is tailored in it’s own way, however, the goal of each is to bridge the knowledge gap that exists in our education system for young people. 

We have worked with people and companies across Ireland to sponsor class sets of Money Matters in various schools. This is a vital service for many young people who otherwise would not get the opportunity to learn fundamental money management skills. We are always looking for new sponsors for class sets of Money Matters and Engineering In The World. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us via the button at the bottom of this page.  

We also use Money Matters and Engineering In The World to facilitate TY work experience programmes across the country, accompanied by our peer learning technology; Active Peers AI. Our programmes, trainings and events focus on leveraging the knowledge in the room to maximise learning by connecting people who wouldn’t meet otherwise. This can happen between peers, young people and professionals, experts and those just starting out. Our technology does not discriminate and neither do we.

Gender Equality

We promote gender equality through projects like Savvy Women, empowering women with financial skills and business knowledge. We also address gender gaps in various industries by promoting opportunities for young women and girls to pursue further education and work experience in the field. 

A great person once said “you can’t be what you can’t see”, which is why we also encourage clients to showcase the women who work for and with them. This inspires the next generation to pursue the lives they want. 

We maintain this momentum with experiences using our PUMAS technology by maximising diversity of genders among groups in active learning sessions and when matching individuals and groups with industry mentors.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We contribute to decent work and economic growth by offering skills development and mentorship opportunities for young people to understand the world of STEM and other industries, helping them build skills and confidence for their future careers and enabling knowledge sharing within organisations between different departments, people and groupings. 

We also speak to audiences of entrepreneurs and business owners alike about how to start, manage and grow their businesses. We conduct extensive research into key note speaking topics to ensure we are up to date and our information is relevant for audiences and clients. 

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We are believers in investing in the future of technology, supporting creative thinkers and developing the means to solve our clients problems using our own technology. 

We have named our technology Active Peers AI, of which our latest development; PUMAS is a proprietary software that tracks impact, algorithmically generates groups to maximise the diversity in the room and catalogues feedback.

Education That Empowers

Positive Economics for the Leaving Certificate has been written by a team of teachers, exam correctors and our very own practicing economist; Susan Hayes Culleton.

Positive Economics is a modern, engaging, insightful and exam-focused package embracing the new specification. It includes a student textbook, a research study booklet, access to a free student e-Book, one teacher's resource book and a plethora of free digital resources.

Money Matters is a ready-to-go learning package for people to learn fundamental life skills relating to financial literacy. Money Matters helps students learn about saving, investing, enterprise and general money management. This book is proudly sponsored by CFA Society Ireland.

We also work with companies to sponsor class sets of Money Matters for TY classes across Ireland. Schools and companies are welcome to contact us to give or receive a set.

Engineering In The World is the first in a series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) books that offer an opportunity for Transition Year students to learn fundamental life skills relating to the world of STEM.

The book helps students recognise engineering in everyday life, learn how engineering solves common problems and explore the exciting variety of careers open to engineers. Proudly sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Ireland, Sisk Construction Group and Cork City Council.

Our pledge is to continue pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a responsible business, one that champions sustainability, the UN SDGs, and fosters an inclusive environment where everyone has the chance to succeed.
Susan Hayes Culleton
Managing Director

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI is deeply ingrained in our ethos. From the Savvy Women initiative that empowers women, Savvy Teens which supports young people, The Positive Economist which empowers people to gain control of their finances and achieve their goals to our Active Peers AI technology that maximizes diversity in learning experiences, we are committed to creating opportunities for all, regardless of background or circumstance.

We invite you to join us on this journey of impact and innovation.

For more information on our initiatives and how we can collaborate towards these goals, please visit our Savvy Teens, Savvy Women Online, and Active Peers AI and Positive Economist websites. Together, we can build a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive world.