Karen Devine

Director of WhiteLight Consulting Ltd.
Susan HayesCulleton is a consummate professional, a superb communicator and a master of her subject. She takes complex economic theories and brings them to life. She translates statistics into meaningful data that can be used by government and business. She has an interesting and thought-provoking way of looking at the world, helping to trigger new ways of thinking. Susan truly is The Postive Economist and is always a joy to work with and to listen to!

Jill Forde

Head of Communications, Central Bank of Ireland
I first came across Susan on one of her financial markets courses, she is a superb storyteller, this is a great skill when teaching non experts about financial instruments and markets. Susan recently accepted our invitation to speak to the Women's Network at the Central Bank on the topic of personal effectiveness. Thank You!

Trudie Murray

Susan had the students on the edge of their seat from the moment she entered the classroom. They were, and still are fascinated… In fact the girls are still talking about her presentation 3 months on. Susan made the subject of economics so real to the girls, she brought their classroom learning to life in an interesting, factual and, more importantly, fun way. She is a powerful presenter who shares her knowledge and experience with students with the care and patience of a natural teacher. In fact the girls loved her so much they hung back afterwards for 20 minutes plying her with questions. They now all want to be Economists and Entrepreneurs and keep asking when Susan is coming back! I could not possibly stress how valuable this experience has been to my girls and would highly recommend a visit from Susan to any economics class, it certainly will give students a fresh and exciting persepective on a wonderful array of topics. Thank you so much Susan.

Anna Kucieba MBA

In my 8-year experience working in The Institute of Banking I have had the pleasure of hearing and working with many of the financial industry’s brightest minds. Susan ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered. Her presentations are packed with illuminating anecdotes, telling statistics, surprising paradoxes and a refreshing dose of good humour. They are a testament to her Presentation skills. Susan is energetic and captivates the audiences’ attention every time. She is a force of nature with an extraordinary interest in and knowledge of global politics and economics. It’s not surprising why she is involved in so many talk shows and debates with senior politicians. It is my pleasure to give Susan HayesCulleton my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker. Susan will deliver the latest, very accurate and valuable information and analysis in an inspiring and entertaining manner.

Methé M. Porter

Thanks so much for coming to teach us. What good value for a class. I was quite impressed with the simplicity of the strategy you taught us. Unlike most options strategies, we didn’t really have to understand the Greeks which can be quite confusing. The best part is that it is a “transferable method”. It can be replicated by anyone at anytime and still be a successful, profitable strategy. Many strategies out there are interpreted differently by each person using them. Certain people fail to make money using the same strategies that others continue to profit from. The difference is the interpretation – no danger of that with your course. The method is simple and can be applied by everyone the same way.

Derek Horgan BSC QFA

Susan addressed a very large audience of the South Region Committee of The Institute of Banking with the topic 'Ireland in a Post-Brexit Europe'. I don't say this lightly but the presentation was incredible, everyone was enthralled as Susan brought us all on a journey to where our world economies are today with thoughtful insights to the future. An inspirational speaker that made the subject really interesting and we all went away educated, motivated and dare I say it wanting more!

Cormac O’Connor

Thanks again for running the course for us. I found it very interesting and the fact that it focused on Selling Puts meant that it was easy to focus on the material instead of getting confused with lots of different strategies that a lot of websites / other courses do. Your enthusiasm on the day kept me motivated and alert throughout. It has given me the confidence to pursue your strategy further. I have already opened an account with thinkorswim! I would be interested in pursuing the “Covered Call” route at some stage soon, after I have got comfortable with this strategy. Thanks again.

Colm Baldwin

Thanks for Saturday. It was great to get access to someone who really knows their stuff and is very successful in the market. Your energy and ability to explain and demystify the topic was great. I’d be seriously interested in doing this as part of an investment strategy

Rachel Crowley

Susan really brought what we have learned in the classroom to life, I found it fascinating to find out the answers to questions like “Why can’t we just print more money?” I would never have considered the real reasons before.

Joseph Buttigieg

The feedback received was very positive indeed. We look forward to have Ms Hayes with us again, and thanks Finance Malta for making this contact possible.

Robert J. Sultana

Well done for your presentation. I found the contents to be highly informative, relevant and factual.

Cliff Pace

Well done once again on your very interesting, frank and animated presentation yesterday. Thanks.

Damien Reale

Thanks for a very comprehensive session on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and answering all my questions, I found it very beneficial and informative.