Karen Devine

Director of WhiteLight Consulting Ltd.
Susan HayesCulleton is a consummate professional, a superb communicator and a master of her subject. She takes complex economic theories and brings them to life. She translates statistics into meaningful data that can be used by government and business. She has an interesting and thought-provoking way of looking at the world, helping to trigger new ways of thinking. Susan truly is The Postive Economist and is always a joy to work with and to listen to!

Jill Forde

Head of Communications, Central Bank of Ireland
I first came across Susan on one of her financial markets courses, she is a superb storyteller, this is a great skill when teaching non experts about financial instruments and markets. Susan recently accepted our invitation to speak to the Women's Network at the Central Bank on the topic of personal effectiveness. Thank You!

Trudie Murray

Susan had the students on the edge of their seat from the moment she entered the classroom. They were, and still are fascinated… In fact the girls are still talking about her presentation 3 months on. Susan made the subject of economics so real to the girls, she brought their classroom learning to life in an interesting, factual and, more importantly, fun way. She is a powerful presenter who shares her knowledge and experience with students with the care and patience of a natural teacher. In fact the girls loved her so much they hung back afterwards for 20 minutes plying her with questions. They now all want to be Economists and Entrepreneurs and keep asking when Susan is coming back! I could not possibly stress how valuable this experience has been to my girls and would highly recommend a visit from Susan to any economics class, it certainly will give students a fresh and exciting persepective on a wonderful array of topics. Thank you so much Susan.

Anna Kucieba MBA

In my 8-year experience working in The Institute of Banking I have had the pleasure of hearing and working with many of the financial industry’s brightest minds. Susan ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered. Her presentations are packed with illuminating anecdotes, telling statistics, surprising paradoxes and a refreshing dose of good humour. They are a testament to her Presentation skills. Susan is energetic and captivates the audiences’ attention every time. She is a force of nature with an extraordinary interest in and knowledge of global politics and economics. It’s not surprising why she is involved in so many talk shows and debates with senior politicians. It is my pleasure to give Susan HayesCulleton my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker. Susan will deliver the latest, very accurate and valuable information and analysis in an inspiring and entertaining manner.

Methé M. Porter

Thanks so much for coming to teach us. What good value for a class. I was quite impressed with the simplicity of the strategy you taught us. Unlike most options strategies, we didn’t really have to understand the Greeks which can be quite confusing. The best part is that it is a “transferable method”. It can be replicated by anyone at anytime and still be a successful, profitable strategy. Many strategies out there are interpreted differently by each person using them. Certain people fail to make money using the same strategies that others continue to profit from. The difference is the interpretation – no danger of that with your course. The method is simple and can be applied by everyone the same way.

Derek Horgan BSC QFA

Susan addressed a very large audience of the South Region Committee of The Institute of Banking with the topic 'Ireland in a Post-Brexit Europe'. I don't say this lightly but the presentation was incredible, everyone was enthralled as Susan brought us all on a journey to where our world economies are today with thoughtful insights to the future. An inspirational speaker that made the subject really interesting and we all went away educated, motivated and dare I say it wanting more!

Cormac O’Connor

Thanks again for running the course for us. I found it very interesting and the fact that it focused on Selling Puts meant that it was easy to focus on the material instead of getting confused with lots of different strategies that a lot of websites / other courses do. Your enthusiasm on the day kept me motivated and alert throughout. It has given me the confidence to pursue your strategy further. I have already opened an account with thinkorswim! I would be interested in pursuing the “Covered Call” route at some stage soon, after I have got comfortable with this strategy. Thanks again.

Colm Baldwin

Thanks for Saturday. It was great to get access to someone who really knows their stuff and is very successful in the market. Your energy and ability to explain and demystify the topic was great. I’d be seriously interested in doing this as part of an investment strategy

Rachel Crowley

Susan really brought what we have learned in the classroom to life, I found it fascinating to find out the answers to questions like “Why can’t we just print more money?” I would never have considered the real reasons before.

Joseph Buttigieg

The feedback received was very positive indeed. We look forward to have Ms Hayes with us again, and thanks Finance Malta for making this contact possible.

Robert J. Sultana

Well done for your presentation. I found the contents to be highly informative, relevant and factual.

Cliff Pace

Well done once again on your very interesting, frank and animated presentation yesterday. Thanks.

Damien Reale

Thanks for a very comprehensive session on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and answering all my questions, I found it very beneficial and informative.

Dawn Leane

Susan is an inspirational public speaker, gifted with an ability to make complex information accessible to all. Her passion for her subject matter is palpable and, perhaps most importantly of all, she is unstinting in her willingness to share the secrets of her success with others.

Deirdre McLoughlin

Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, Facilitator
On 16 July 2018, in Cork the dynamic Susan Hayes joined us at the River Lee Hotel to speak to participants of IMI’s flagship ‘Women In Leadership’ programme, designed and delivered by Hetty Einzig & Deirdre McLoughlin and sponsored by the 30% Club. Susan has tremendous energy and she filled the room with her openness, warmth and humour. Feedback from participants touched on Susan’s genuineness, her focus, her capability, and how she is re-defining what work can be. Susan shared her story of success with authenticity, inspiring the group with how she overcame challenges to build her business, based on her philosphy of mutuality of success. She spoke of how she crafted her workplace for personal balance and fulfilment while reaching out to others with support. This resonated deeply with participants and her generosity in sharing her tips for success was well received. Altogether she was hugely inspiring and was identified as a role model for female entrepreneurs and women in business.

Robin McCormick

Director at Coreso
Susan, big thank you for helping us to deliver the EirGrid Customer Conference in Cork this week. Your professionalism, enthusiasm and quick wit helped to keep the sessions flow with a very positive energy. Well done and thanks

Valerie Hedin

Head of Communications, EirGrid
Susan hosted two events for us this year and was the consummate professional in both. The title of host does not do Susan justice – her attention to detail, preparation and knowledge of relevant topics combined with her engaging and energetic manner allowed both events to flow seamlessly. She has an amazing ability to digest information and then reframe it back to the audience which ensures all in attendance leave with the key themes and discussion points firmly in their minds. If you are lucky enough you may get a wonderful poem summarizing the whole day in a fun and captivating manner. Aside from this, Susan’s ability to multi-task was brilliant, she communicated discreetly with staff while still running the show effortlessly and to an incredibly high standard. I cannot recommend Susan highly enough.

Naomi Gaston

Senior Associate, Mills Selig
I really appreciated the excitement and life you brought to the IOD Women's Leadership Conference. I was so impressed with your ability with the panels to encourage high quality discussion and not take over. You had an uncanny ability to summarise the key points and bring the whole discussion together - amazing!

Shauna McCloy

Head of Employability - Ulster University
It has been a pleasure working with Susan and her team - it’s one thing getting a service, but getting a learning and teaching champion like Susan with enthusiasm, professionalism, and passion was just so refreshing – and the students loved it. The knowledge and expertise brought to the module cut across many subject dimensions and was delivered expertly.

Myra Hayes Gough

Account Manager at Healy Communications
I have known/ worked with Susan for many years. She was a firm favourite with our regular listeners on The Sunday Business Show. She has a natural ability to take topics that may seem complicated and make them accessible and relevant. She is incredibly helpful and self-driven, making her a pleasure to work with.

Jayann Walsh

Executive & Life Coach I Podcast Host I Changing the Perception of the Recruitment Industry with Osbourne
Susan was always our go to person on all things economics. She had the amazing ability to take a complicated topic, break it down and deliver it in a way in which we could all understand. Her positivity and outlook during the bleakest time of the recession in Ireland was infectious as she offered practical solutions to seemingly huge problems. I always enjoyed Susan's contributions to the programme,she was a dream to work with, always prepared and ready to tackle any topic we asked of her . I have also read Susan's first book and would highly recommend it. Her tone, warmth and ability to make you understand simply jumps off the pages and is a must for anyone struggling with finances. I am a huge fan of her work!

Margaret McKeon-Boyle

Managing Director at Extenisve PR Ltd
Susan HayesCulleton has addressed a number of professional business women's networks on behalf of Extensive PR over the past 3 years. In a word she is 'inspirational'. Her depth of knowledge and willingness to share her expertise and experience with others is refreshing in a speaker. The feedback from those that attended her talks was most positive - all saying that Susan's tips and advice had inspired them and helped them in their business. I look forward to working with Susan on may more occasions.

Emma McHugh

Business Development Manager at Atlantic Travel Worldchoice
Just a quick email to say thank you so much for the feedback this morning. It was great to get it and I feel very optimistic that with the right training in place we will be able to maximise our sales potential. It was lovely to have met with you and I really got an awful lot out of your modules on the course. I really felt that it was so specific and I could relate to it and hopefully apply it to my business.

Catherine Mallon

Chief Executive Director at Government Administration
I contracted Susan HayesCulleton to tell the economic story of an EU funded initiative in June 2015. This involved collating a lot of information from a wide variety of sources, engaging with multiple stakeholders, turning technical data into digestible, interesting content across many platforms and speaking at the closing event. At every stage, Susan delivered over and above expectations. She showed exceptional interest in every detail, asked thoughtful, effective questions to yield the crucial insights, rapidly leaned about the nuances of an industry, always had a smile on her face, could flexibly react effectively to every new development and is a person who I thoroughly enjoyed working with. She naturally wowed the audience with her trademark positivity, handle on the brief and indescribable energy. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any company or organisation seeking economic consultancy, a speaker for an event or to create economic thought leadership content. She is simply super

Margaret Kissane (Brick)

Connect Publications
Susan Hayes Culleton crossed my path at a Women in Business event she was speaking at, her engaging informative and witty speech captivated the audience so much so that when I was organising a business awards event in Kerry I choose Susan to be my MC for the event. She was far more than this, sitting down on the lead up to the event to discuss it all and look at ways of delivering a night to remember. She conducted proceedings on the night with ease, style and elegance and held the attention of the audience from start to finish. I cannot recommend Susan highly enough to be your support and professional mentor for any event, her enthusiastic personality will ensure that you remain positive and deliver what you want the way you want it, I really look forward to working with Susan again on many other projects.

Margaret McAvoy

Project Manager EU Claims
I invited Susan HayesCulleton to speak at the iOTA Celebratory event in Newry on the 14th May. Working with Susan was such a joy, she researched our project thoroughly before the event and spoke with much enthusiasm and knowledge on the chosen subject. Susan also facilitated the Q & A section of the event and she did so with the utmost professionalism. The afternoon would not have been as successful were it not for Susan's interest in the project and her ability to enthuse everyone in the audience. I would have no hesitation in asking Susan to speak at any event. Margaret McAvoy

Pauline Sargent

Associate Network Coordinator at Irish Management Institute
I have listened to Susan speak and have hired her to speak at member events. You will never get tired of hearing her words of wisdom about entrepreneurship, sales and financial freedom. Her energy and enthusiasm for making the right changes to grow your business and manage your finances positively is contagious. I would highly recommend Susan as a speaker if you want an honest, open and up to date viewpoint on financial planning and management for your business.

Anna D. Msc QFA

Mortgage Underwriter
If we saw more women like you, brave, honest and just like us, maybe Irish women would feel more courageous to take bold steps too. So please, keep rocking. You never know what you awake in others,just like you did for me, by simply sharing your truth. Thank you for writing "Savvy Woman's Guide to financial freedom", it's a must-read for every woman, packed with fantastic advice and so easy to relate to. Best personal finance book I've read.

Tanya Kennedy

Senior Consultant & Strategic Advisor I Capacity Building I Diversity & Inclusion I Leadership & OD I Executive coach
I've had the pleasure of working with Susan over the past year - it seems like a lot longer given the lasting impact that she leaves. Susan has delivered outstanding presentations for Business in the Community NI at two major events. She expertly wove the economic case for investment in Corporate Social Responsibility and Wellbeing at work in to both presentations in a way that brought the hard reality of the strong business case for investing in aspects of a business that might otherwise be considered 'soft'. Susan is professional, charming and very real. I believe that it is her inherent sincerity and deep humanity combined with her unquestionable capability and personal style that inspire audiences to go away believing that they can, and must, change for the better. Quite a skill!

Emma Nguyen

Head of Marketing I SaaS
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Susan over the last two years and I continue to be impressed by her professionalism, enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of global economics and the financial markets. Every event and webinar that Susan has delivered for Morgan McKinley has been extremely well-received by our global audiences and we look forward to continuing our partnership with her in the future. I would highly recommend Susan for speaking events or training seminars as she is an engaging, knowledgeable and inspirational speaker.

Chantal Sciberras

Head & Advisor - Europe at The Commonwealth Secretariat
I first encountered Susan in Malta a couple of years ago, when I attended a lecture she delivered at the University of Malta on the Irish financial crisis and its repercussions on both the Irish and European markets. Having kept up to date with the news I was still a little confused about all the terminology and fast-paced developments. However Susan, through her simplicity and positive nature, managed to deliver a large amount of information in a simple manner. I eventually made Susan’s acquaintance when I took over the post of Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy of Malta in Dublin and in every meeting and discussion with her, I was impressed by her savvy, intelligence, wealth of knowledge, dynamism…and of course, positive spirit and generous nature. We quickly became friends and when this Embassy’s time came to host the monthly EU Heads of Missions Lunch, having Susan as a speaker came as a natural choice. The feedback received by the Ambassadors, diplomats and government officials present was immensely positive as, once again, Susan delivered a presentation that was rich in information yet to the point and easy to understand. In this regard, I look forward to working further with Susan in the future and I cannot but recommend her to anyone who requires financial training, mentorship or even a fantastic speaker on the matter!

Catherine Hennessy

Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny
Thank you Susan for sharing your knowledge and experiences with our owner-manager networking group. The presentation was inspiring and very relevant. The real benefit to the attendees was that they ‘got something to take away with them in terms of being able to implement actions into their own business strategies. Your energy, enthusiasm and ability to impart knowledge made the network meeting a success for us’

Breege Cosgrave

Acting Assitant CEO at Wexford County Enterprise Board
Susan Hayes is highly professional and passionate about business. She is driven, knowledgeable and inspirational. Susan has delivered two excellent presentations to our Women in Business Network and feedback has been exceptional, particularly in the way she gets to the kernel of financial management. I would have no hesitation in recommending Susan. Her new book "The Savvy Woman's Guide to Financial Freedom" is also an excellent read.

Mary McKenna

CEO & Founder of Tour America & Cruise Holidays
I would like to thank Susan so much for the time she gave to our entire team recently where she gave an hour of her time to share with us her advice on financial freedom. She scored the highest in feedback from our team that has ever come out of any training we have had in our office. You were fun, highly entertaining, authentic and very knowledgeable on your subject matter. You are someone we feel that will be incredibly successful. Good luck with all your future books.

Alan Smith

Professional Photographer at Smartpix Ltd, Galway
I have hired Susan on more than one occasion now to give me training on how to invest properly in the stock market. Susan has an excellent knowledge of the workings of the markets and a lot of intelligence. Add to this a passion for helping people and a very personable and professional nature and you have a very unique combination of skills. I have benefited greatly from Susan's mentorship and I would have no hesitation at all in recommending her.

CFA Ireland

Accounting Organisation
CFA Society Ireland has been honoured to be part of this journey and bringing your vision to light. the energy you brought to the project has been incredible. #moneymatters #financiallearning


Irish Hungarian Business Circle
Congratulations @SusanHayes_ from the @IHBCircle, @doc2303(Irish Living in Hungary, @maxireland(HowardMaxwell, @IIBN(Irish International Business Network) and continued success #MoneyMatters #esg #fintech

Lynn Jennings

Founder I Headhunter Talent Social - Use the power of social to find top talent.
Great resource. Not everyone has parents who can teach them about money and finances, great tool for social and economic mobility.

Julie Glennon

Commercial Director at The Educational Company of Ireland
Congratulations Susan, it was a pleasure working with you once again and the CFA Society Ireland on this project #MoneyMatters. Schools are absolutely delighted to have access to this content and offer students the opportunity to learn fundamental life skills relating to financial literacy. Well done

IBNNZ – Wellington New Zealand

Irish Networking Organisation New Zealand
Congratulations CFA Ireland, Susan HayesCulleton on a very worthwhile initiative to help young people. From the Irish Business Network New Zealand and Peter Ryan Ireland Ambassador to New Zealand