Tonight I shared the five key things that made the biggest difference in my career so far with a most wonderful audience at Workday in Auckland, New Zealand in association with the Irish Business Network New Zealand and the Irish Embassy in New Zealand.

While I talk through them fully in the video below, here is the summary:

1. Learn to ask effective questions.

2. Empower other people to achieve their goals in alignment with your own.

3. Use your goal to make every decision and have measurable outputs related to that goal.

4. Understand that millions of people are working to help through different agencies and networks (e.g. the Global Irish)

5. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.

Some interesting points about New Zealand:
– 1 in 6 people is of Irish heritage here

– the average age of somebody working in agriculture is declining (in contrast to Ireland)

– our population sizes are broadly similar 


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