Does your organisation have an effective system in place to systematically uncover hidden talent within their ranks – even as employees develop new skills?

More and more organisations are resorting to internal hiring in an effort to:

cut down hiring costs,
– hire truly suitable candidates (and not just those who can “play a good game” in an interview),
– increase effectiveness by cutting down adjustment time,
– and improve employee retention by offering career development opportunities.

But time and effectiveness constraints mean that employees might end up being pigeonholed and only asked to take on roles they have taken up in the past, instead of being offered challenges or the opportunity to reveal other facets of their professional self.

This poses the threat of stagnation, in effect defeating the purpose of career development.

How do you uncover hidden employee talent when you need it fast?

How do you keep tabs on hundred of employees and their ever-evolving skillset and tastes?

How do you offer truly rewarding career development opportunities?

A new generation of outside trainers can offer truly valuable training that doesn’t eat into productive work time – as well as acting as a highly effective talent scout, letting management and HR know about staff’s specific competencies

… Even when employees themselves might not be aware of their own unique talent.

To learn how an outside trainer can streamline internal hiring and the quest for talent inside your organisation, download our white paper “Casting your employees in their star role”.